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The Phoenix Titan II is a modern, compact, fire and security resistant safe designed to meet the need for residential and business use. Tested to the International NT Fire 017 – 60 fire test standard, at the Swedish SP Testing Centre providing 60 minutes fire protection for paper documents.

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The Alpha Debajo range of Underfloor Safes have been designed to meet the requirements for a secure yet hidden safe. The Debajo range comes in 3 different cash cover options, with the standard model covering £4,000 cash or £40,000 valuables, the mid-range covering 6,000 cash or £60,000 valuables, and the high security range covering £8,000.

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The Safewell EQ Electronic Home safe range is ideal for use at home for storage of cash and valuables. Fitted with a high quality electronic lock programmable with a user code of between 3 and 8 digits.

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