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uPVC Window and Door Locks

Knowing that your UPVC windows and doors have secure locks, gives you peace of mind, especially if are away from home or during nighttime. Feeling confident that your property is protected means you can relax without constantly worrying about potential intruders. This sense of security can significantly enhance your overall quality of life.

Protection against break-ins

One of the primary reasons for having secure UPVC window and door locks is to protect your home or property against break-ins. UPVC windows and doors are popular because they are durable and provide good insulation, but they can be vulnerable if they have weak locks. Strong locks act as a deterrent to potential burglars and make it more difficult for them to gain unauthorized access to your property.

Man trying to break in to house

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What is an Espagnolette Window Lock? 

An espagnolette upvc window lock is the gearing part inside a window that an espagnolette handle operates. The upvc window lock below shows one of many different types.

Dimension A – Backset
Dimension B – Mushroom Height
Dimension C – Rail Length
Dimension D – Rail Width(Click on link below)

The long metal plate is the rail and the part in the centre is the gearbox of the upvc window lock.

Wooden Window Lock Samples

Wooden Window Lock Samples

Locks for Hinged Windows

Chubb Aluminium 8K106 Window Lock

  • Lock is surface fixed onto the window section and is locked around the frame fixed staple by use of the key.
  • For use on metal windows only.
Chubb Aluminium 8K106 Window Lock

Chubb Wood 8K101 Window Lock

  • Lock is surface fixed onto the window section and is locked around the frame fixed staple by use of the key.
  • A clenching action helps to pull the window to the frame.
Chubb Wood 8K101 Window Lock

Sash Jammers uPVC Window & Door Locks for Added Security. 

Sash jammers are easy to fit and can be used on both uPVC windows and doors. Just turn the handle to secure onto the frame. Ideal solution for those worried about a common burglary technique called ‘jemmying’, were a crow bar is used to wedge the window mechanism out of place.

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