Electronic Home Safe Range

The Safewell EQ Electronic Home safe range is ideal for use at home for storage of cash and valuables.

Electronic Home Safe Range
  • Fitted with a high quality electronic lock programmable with a user code of between 3 and 8 digits. LED lights show the status of the lock and batteries.
  • These safes are fitted with an over-ride key-lock system should the user lock the safe out or forget the codes. The safe comes with two radial pin tumbler keys for the over-ride system.
  • Recommended for £1,000 cash or £10,000 valuables storage*.
  • Ready prepared for floor or wall mounting (supplied with bolts suitable for brick walls or concrete floors).
  • The 25EQ, 30EQ and 50EQ are supplied with a removable shelf unit (not adjustable) allowing you to better organize your contents. The 20EQ and 23EQ do not have an internal shelf unit.
  • Finished in a high quality scratch resistant paint Light Grey Ral7035.
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